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Indoctrination is the process of shaping and controlling and individual's beliefs, values, mores, and behavioural patterns via the insertion of Ideology in the form of ideas and Archetypes into Individual Consciousness and Collective Consciousness.

Indoctrination is most effective when undertaken at an early age (i.e. infancy and childhood) when the physical unit is most trusting and receptive. In this regards parents are the primary (though typically unwitting) agents of indoctrination.

Indoctrination that is initiated in the home is carried forward by the school system and the mass media.

The goal of indoctrination is disempowerment and control of the individual (Slavery, in other words) and intergenerational maintenance/reproduction of The System.

Indoctrination comes in many forms. There is Spiritual Indoctrination, Social Indoctrination, Economic Indoctrination, Psychological Indoctrination, and Political Indoctrination

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