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Purity is a term syncretic with Alignment. An individual who is "pure" is not encumbered by Wrong Thought or Wrong Action. An individual who is pure has established Right Thought and Right Action.

Syncretic Terms

Alignment > Asha, Brahmacharya, Conversion Experience, Divine Perfection, Ethical Perfection, Eudaimonia, Gonennoncwal, Heavenly Marriage, Holiness, Ka'nikonhrÌ:io, Ondinoc, Perfect Connection, Perfection, Purification, Purity, Rectitude, Renunciation, Repentence, Righteousness, Samyaktva, Sane Living, Tahdhīb al-akhlāq, Taubah


You find the concept of purity in Vivekacudamani of Sankaracarya Bhagavatpada, a.k.a. Crest-Jewel of Wisdom.

"The notion of 'purity' and 'purification' is one of the commonest and most characteristic ideas in Orphic literature;"[1] In Orphic literature, purity included "a particular mode of life" (i.e. Right Environment and Right Action, such as not partaking of animal food. Note, according to Adam, in the Orphic mysteries, we strive for the purity of the soul. On the LP we would say the soul is pure enough, being above the disruption, disease, and corruption of blindfolded existence, and that "purification" really refers to the alignment of the spiritual ego, body, and living spaces so as to provide a suitable space for the full expression of Highest Selff

Further Reading


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