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The word Rectitude is a Buddhist term syncretic with Alignment. It is used in The Book of the Great Decease in the context of comparing the "losses of the wrong-doer" who, through lack of rectitude, falls into poverty, gains a bad reputation, and experiences existential anxieties, with the gains of the "well-doer" who gains wealth, a good reputation, and the resolution of existential anxiety.

Syncretic Terms

Alignment > Asha, Brahmacharya, Conversion Experience, Divine Perfection, Ethical Perfection, Eudaimonia, Gonennoncwal, Heavenly Marriage, Holiness, Ka'nikonhrÌ:io, Ondinoc, Perfect Connection, Perfection, Purification, Purity, Rectitude, Renunciation, Repentence, Righteousness, Samyaktva, Sane Living, Tahdhīb al-akhlāq, Taubah