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Eudaimonia (sometimes translated into "happiness" refers to Aristotle's assertion that the highest human good is the attainment of eudaimonia, or happiness. This is in turn defined as the ability to actualize and become a fully functioning person[1].

Syncretic Terms

Alignment > Asha, Brahmacharya, Conversion Experience, Divine Perfection, Ethical Perfection, Eudaimonia, Gonennoncwal, Heavenly Marriage, Holiness, Ka'nikonhrÌ:io, Ondinoc, Perfect Connection, Perfection, Purification, Purity, Rectitude, Renunciation, Repentence, Righteousness, Samyaktva, Sane Living, Tahdhīb al-akhlāq, Taubah


Eudaimonia is syncretic with the LP concept of alignment, which sees the body as a vehicle for Spiritual Ego and sees the goal of life as the development of a fully functioning physical unit capable of providing proper expression of the spiritual ego. Once is happy when one is aligned with the spiritual ego, expressing, and creating in the world as it intends.


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