Transcendental Experience

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A Transcendental Experience is an intense Connection Experience of short to moderate duration, often arising in an individual trained within a "transcendental" frame of understanding.

Syncretic Terms for Connection Experience

Connection Experience > Conversion Experience, Exceptional Human Experience, Mystical Experience, Pure Consciousness Event, Religious Experience, Shogo, Spiritual Experience, Transcendental Experience

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Connection, Connection Experience, Connection Axes


For the purpose of this study, the ecstatic or transcendental experience is defined as an expansion of consciousness, or the entrance into the new level of consciousness. It is a state in which the individual temporarily looses his identification as an isolated individual power and merges with an external self or power which to all practical intents encompasses what he defines as the totality of the universe. The experience may manifest itself in both psychical and physiological ways. Ofter [sic] a sensation of timelessness, or a loss of body awareness will be involved. At other times, the individual will suddenly feel he understands the meaning of life or why the world is the way it is.[1]

Timothy Leary notes "A profound transcendent experience should leave in its wake a changed man [sic] and a changd life." [2]. See Transformational Change and Quantum Change.


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