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A Connection Appliance is any technology used during Connection Practice that can facilitate/enhance/purify one's connection to Consciousness/Highest Self.

Connection Procedures

Connection Procedure > Connection Appliance, Connection Supplement, Connection Technique

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Connection Appliance > Technologies of the Sacred

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List of Connection Appliances

Connection Appliances > Archetype Cards, Archetype Deck, Bible, Drums, Guardian Boards, Quartz Crystals, Sacred Pipe, Sacred Stones, Spirit Lodge, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, Triumph of Spirit Archetype System


Grof references drums as common Shamanic connection appliance.[1]

...access to these less tangible sources of information also has been abetted by a variety of man-made devices. Some of these have been carried forward from ancient mystical traditions, including for example dowsing rods, crystal balls, tarot cards,rune stones, I-Ching oracles, etc., all purported to enable and enhance information access via these subtler channels. More contemporary technological versions, usually based on random physical processes, include the array of electronic, mechanical, optical, fluid dynamic, and nuclear random event generators (REGs) now commonly utilized in laboratory and field research to display and correlate consciousness-related physical anomalies.…[2]

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