Intensification of Consciousness

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An Intensification of Consciousness occurs when The Fabric of Consciousness coalesces and intensifies to the point where Self Awareness emerges or is instantiated. An instantiated point of Self Awareness is known, in gnostic traditions, as a Monad.

Intensification of Consciousness creates Monadic Consciousness. The Intensification of Consciousness to the point of Instantiation may be referred to as First Birth.

A Room full of Mist

The process of intensification is easily understood visually. Think of a large empty room full of mist. The mist is The Fabric of Consciousness. Now imagine the mist coalescing and thickening into a single intense spot. Imagine that at a certain point the mist gets dense enough and then imagine a single spot "lightning up" as a pinpoint of Light (i.e. a Star). The "star" that appears is the self aware Monad.

For conceptual purposes the first Star that coalesced may be referred to as Monad (capital "M") while all subsequent stars may be referred to as monad (little "m"). It should be noted in this context however that all monads are equally present and persistently connected to The Fabric. The only remotely meaningful distinction is that Monad appeared first, while monads instantiated subsequently. However, since Time is a delusion of incarnation, the distinction is not at all relevant.

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