Deep Self

Deep Self is a term used in the Faery tradition of Witchcraft to refer to the Spiritual Ego.

Syncretic Terms

Spiritual Ego > Angel, Atman, Augoeides, Brahman, Buddha Nature, Deep Self, Genuine Self, God Self, Great Self, Guardian Angel, Higher Genius, Higher Self, Highest Self, Holy Spirit, Immortal Spirit, Inner Self, Inner-Self, Intensification of Consciousness, La, Monad, Ohr, Original Face, Real Self, Resident Monadic Consciousness, Saug, Self, Soul, Spirit, Super Ego, Supreme Self, The Knower, The Witness, Transcendental Self, True Self, Unconsciousness, Universal Being, Universal Self


In the Faery tradition, a third “self” is recognized: the Deep Self or God Self, which does not easily correspond to any psychological concept. The Deep Self is the Divine within, the ultimate and original essence, the spirit that exists beyond time, space, and matter.[1]


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