At the highest level of abstraction, Identity is our personal sense of "what-ness" and "who-ness"/

What am I? I am Human
What am I? I Am God
Who am I? I Am Michael
Who am I? I am a teacher

Identity begins to form when a monad is first born. As noted in the Book of Light Volume One, a monad is born when The Fabric of Consciousness intensifies to the point of Self Awareness. At that point, a new ego is born. The new ego starts with The Basics (i.e. love, compassion, awareness, sense of bliss, sense of power) but over time choices that lead to experience create identity.

Because identity is determined entirely by experience, the quality and quantity of experience is critical. In order to maintain the basics, and in order to develop into a healthy, loving, compassionate, aware, and empowered monad, positive and empowering experiences are needed. This is true whether the monad exists solely in consciousness, or whether the monad has entered into The Water (Second Birth) or taken a physical body (i.e. Third Birth)

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