Differentiated Consciousness

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Differentiated Consciousness is the state of Consciousness that occurs after the initial Intensification of Consciousness created a self aware, monadic I.[1]

Syncretic Terms

Differentiated Consciousness > Ain Soph

Related LP Terms

Differentiated Consciousness > Differentiation of Consciousness, God, God with a big "G", God with a little "g", Undifferentiated Consciousness, Unfolding of Consciousness

Non-LP Related Terms

Differentiated Consciousness > Grand Architect, Grand Geometrician, Great Architect

States of Consciousness

State of Consciousness > Differentiated Consciousness, Egoic Consciousness, Emanating Consciousness, Undifferentiated Consciousness

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  1. Sosteric, Mike. The Book of Light: The Nature of God, the Structure of Consciousness, and the Universe Within You. St. Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press, Unpublished.

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