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A Monad is Consciousness "intensified" to the point where Ego (i.e. self-consciousness + perspective + will) emerges.


Since you are self aware, you are a monadic intensification of consciousness. Since you are reading these words in the eyes of your physical body, you are a monadic intensification of consciousness incarnated in a Physical Unit.

Monads may or may not find expression in the physical universe. When a monad expresses inside the physical universe we may refer to them as Monadic Expressions. When monads "take a seat" in a Physical Unit, they may be referred as Resident Monadic Consciousness.

The monadic nature of Consciousness is visually represented by the Tree of Lights.

Syncretic Terms

Atman (आत्मन्) / parAtman परात्मन्, Augoeides, Holy Spirit, Intensification of Consciousness, Monad, Monadic Intensification, Ohr, Resident Monadic Consciousness, Self, spirit, Super Ego, immortal spirit, Spiritual Ego, Soul, Inner-Self, Higher Self, True Self, The Witness, etc.

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Further Reading


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