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An Angel is a monad that has never experienced creation from within The Waters.

Note that all instantiated monads have, by this time, experienced at least a lifetime or two in one form or another. In other words there are no monads who have not experienced the wonders of physical creation; technically therefore, angels do not exist.

You could say that an angel is a monad that is uncorrupted by the experience of 3D. Of course, I say that with tongue in cheek. Although most esoteric traditions would have you believe that the universe is corrupted and corrupting, it’s not like that at all. Physical experience is cherished and sought after. Of course, it is true that conditions on Earth are not as appealing as they might be, but as explained in The Book of Life, there is a reason for that and it will change soon enough.

It is tempting to think of angels as someone higher, more powerful, or spiritually superior to frail humans, but this temptation only arises when we are disconnected from our Source and unaware of our true status and glory. When you are disconnected from the Spiritual realms, you are diminished and darkened. In this diminished and darkened state, you perceive the power and the glory of a spiritual entity as if it was something much more than you. However, when more fully connected, you will feel more of your own power and glory and hence will be less likely to elevate disincarnated entities, no matter how powerful, to some special status.

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