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Incarnated Consciousness

In Lightning Path thought a Star is an intensified Monadic Consciousness stepped down and manifested in Physical Creation (a.k.a. Earth/Malkuth).

Star may be used to refer to the Resident Monadic Consciousness and is simply another word for soul, atman, higher self, etc.

As occult, spiritual, and even religion authors/artists have often noted, you are a star.

At birth the Star is, within the limitations of a freshly baked Physical Unit, fully present. However lack of Development and limitations of The Body prevent the Star from full expression. It is the goal human Social Units to creation conditions supportive and conducive to full Development of the Physical Unit and, consequently, full expression of the Star within.

Further Reading

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Sharp, Michael (forthcoming). The Little Book of Stars'. St. Albert. Lightning Path Press. - A book aimed at teaching kids (and their parents) what they need to do to "find and shine" their Star.

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