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The Book of Power is the esoterically obscured collection of Planetary Archetypes used to a) recreate The System and b) intergenerationally recreate the managerial/ruling castes (i.e. the Powers that be) of this planet.

The Book of Power comes in multiple "grade levels". Lower grades focus on insuring docility, compliance, and faithful obedience to the "masters". Higher levels teach, with increasingly overt sophistication, the mechanisms of power and social control. Threats are typically issued throughout in an effort to ensure that individual never reveals what they have learned.

At the lower levels of attainment, individuals may be allowed to change their mind and leave. However at higher levels where individuals are more knowledgeable about the mechanics of the system, and the machinations of power, exit is (for obvious reasons) not allowed.

The Book of Power is part of the Old Book. The Old Book contains the Book of Power and the Book of Slavery. You may contrast the Old Book with the New Book (a.k.a. Book of Freedom, a.k.a Book of Spirit).

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