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Schizophrenia (a.k.a. Egoic Collapse) is the pathological collapse of the Bodily Ego that occurs when a severely damaged ego makes a Connection to some point in The Fabric.

Syncretic Terms

Nadir Experience > Connection Psychosis, Dark Night of the Soul, Egoic Collapse, Egoic Explosion, Flooding, MEPF, Psychotic Mysticism


Daniel Paul Schreber[1] provides a rather dramatic account of what can happen when Bodily Ego becomes permanently collapses, thereby exposing the Bodily Ego to content, uncontrolled, and pathological contact with The Fabric. Schreber was a paranoid schizophrenic who recounted his Connection Experiences and the information that was "downloaded" from The Fabric. His memoir is an interesting recounting of spiritual truth mixed with psychotic and harmful delusions. The delusions probably arise from his incredibly toxic upbringing experiences, and the toxic ideas he had absorbed into his mental space as a consequence of the violence and indoctrination he endured. Daniel was a victim of the Moritz Schreber childcare system, a system of Toxic Socialization and childhood torture that emphasized "Suppression, control, [and] total obedience...' even to the point of threatening and instilling fear in infants.[2]

Scharfstein carries on an interesting discussion of "psychotic mysticism" where he suggests that a mystical psychosis involves "the sense of drastic separation from everything....the loss of oneself in fusion with other people and things...and...fear and guilt that acquire a hallucinatory presence.[3] He cites the case of one Daniel Paul Schreber[4] who describe a nervous illness in which he had "nerve contact" with God, and that there were nerve-filaments that connected all other souls in the universe to each other, and that his filaments were poisoned and that "diseased nervous system." Essentially, Schreber is describing a diseased connection.

A damaged bodily ego does not have the strength to cope with and contain powerful Consciousness. Upon connection it may experience additional trauma. This additional trauma may further damage the bodily ego, leading to fragmentation (disordered thinking) or even dissolution (Personality Confusion).

Old Energy Archetypes, coupled with emotional and psychological disease, can contribute to/exacerbate a psychotically tainted connection.

Egoic collapse may be rapid, arising from a single dramatic Connection Experience, or it can unfold over time, for example as the result of long term Entheogen Abuse by an individual raised in an extremely toxic environment.

Further Reading

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Sharp, Michael (2013). Ego Explosion. http://www.michaelsharp.org/ego-explosion/


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