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Schizophrenia (a.k.a. Egoic Collapse) is the pathological collapse of the Bodily Ego that occurs when a severely damaged bodily ego comes into contact with the bright and powerful Fabric.

Syncretic Terms

Nadir Experience > Dark Night of the Soul, MEPF, Schizophrenia, Spiritual Psychosis


A damaged bodily ego does not have the strength to cope with and contain powerful Consciousness. Upon connection it may experience additional trauma. This additional trauma may further damage the bodily ego, leading to fragmentation (disordered thinking) or even dissolution (Personality Confusion).

Egoic collapse may be rapid, arising from a single dramatic Connection Experience, or it can unfold over time, for example as the result of long term Entheogen Abuse by an individual raised in an extremely toxic environment.

Further Reading


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