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The System is a set of psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical control mechanisms designed to prevent the human body from acting out and accessing its power while blindfolded, and in an uncontrollable fashion. The System is designed to prevent another debacle.

The System consists of three basic components, these being the institutional/administrative component, the ideological component, and the compliance component.

The institutional/administrative component of the System consists of structured components designed to ensure intergenerational persistence of the System. The institutional component of the System consists of those organizations (we will call them System Institutions) designed to maintain and propagate the regulations, mores, ideas, and behaviors of the System. System Institutions consist of Mechanisms of Record and the Mechanisms of Indoctrination.

The ideological component of the System is an organized set of ideas and archetypes designed specifically to suppress human power, break human connection, deactivate chakra energy flow, and energetically and creatively neuter (temporarily) the physical unit.

The compliance component is a system of control through emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical violence that is brought to bear on sleeping individuals to ensure they follow the rules, absorb the right ideas, and stay away from empowerment before they are capable of handling their full power.

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