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A Connection Practice is any technique, such as meditation, writing, etc., that helps one strengthen and purify Connection.

Syncretic Terms

Connection Practice | Spiritual Exercises, Technologies of the Sacred

List of Connection Practices

Connection Practice > Detachment, Drumming, Fasting, Great Invocation, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotism, Hypoventilation, Intent to Connect, Meditation, Mental Purification, Mysticism of the Historical Event, Receptive Seeking, Relaxation, Sufism, The Way of the Hollow Bone, Wicca, Writing, Zazen


Mystics often use language and metaphor in a special way, in an effort to trigger enlightenment in others.[1] Zen, in particular, is a Connection Practice, and a sophisticated one.

Connection Practices combined with Connection Appliances, like the TOSAS, and the careful and guided use of Connection Supplements can facilitate transformative Connection

The Lightning Path provides several neurolinguistic tools (i.e. meditations, visualization, and mantras) [1] that can be used at various stages in the process to facilitate greater connection.

Further Reading

Sosteric, Mike (BOOK3). Lightning Path Workbook Three: Connection. Lightning Path Press. [2]

Sharp, Michael. The Great Awakening: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice. Lightning Path Press.


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