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Satori is the Zen Buddhist term for Awakening or Awakening Experience. Awakening is a Connection Outcome. Satori may refer to minor "little" awakenings, complete realization of Highest Self, or anything in between. When we achieve satori we realize the true nature and essence of Self.

Syncretic Terms for Awakening Experience

Awakening Experience > Illumination, Revelation, Satori

See Also

Connection, Connection Experiences


Huston Smith

On the ongoing and process nature of awakening/satori.

There is a recognition in the literature that satori is a process. "When satori first arrives, its momentousness is likely to make it seem ultimate, the be-all and end-all of existence. As life goes on, however, one recognizes that this is not the case. Routine reasserts itself, and one discovers that even those who have had powerful satoris sometimes misbehave. At this point there enters the realization that comes to be stressed increasingly in later texts. In those texts satori is not the goal; it is the first major hurdle in the unending endeavour to work the satori experience into the fabric of one's daily life until one's entire life takes on a satoric quality.[1]

Syncretic Terms

Awakening as Union with Reality, Enlightenment, attainment of Buddha Mind, attainment of the Kingdom of God, Moksha, attainment of Christ Consciousness, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Descent of Consciousness, entry into the Holy of Holies, the Triumph of Spirit, removal of The Blindfold, piercing of The Veil, lifting of The Blindfold, Resurrection of Consciousness

Further Reading

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