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Shambhala (Sanskrit: शम्भलः) refers to a Vedic/Buddhist memories of ancient utopian societies, and also Vedic/Buddhist prophecies of a "future" utopian return of the Divine World Order. Shambhala is the city of peace, harmony, truth, and universal prosperity where everybody is healthy and fully connected.

Syncretic Terms

Divine World Order > Age of Aquarius, Garden of Eden, Heaven, Heaven of Reality, New Creation, New Earth, Pure Land, Shambhala, Zion


Shambhala is the name of an emerging web comic.

On the LP we might say that Shambhala emerges on a planet when a properly evolved species, awakens, activates, ascends (i.e. connects to highest Self), and finally graduates.

Shambhala Warriors: According to the prophecy at the "end of time," when the world has declined so far into Darkness that it was on the brink of destruction, the Shambhala Warriors would incarnate, clear away Darkness, uplift The Forces of Light, emancipate (i.e. awaken) the human mind and save the day.

The prophecy is functionally identical to Western Christian prophecies of Armageddon.

An avatar of Vishnu is seen as incarnating to clear away Darkness and facilitate

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