Flow Purification

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Flow Purification is an important Connection Technique[1] used to "clear the channel" between the Spiritual Ego and Bodily Ego and to remove any Wrong Thought that may be interfering with Healing and Connection.

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Elements of Connection Practice

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Archetypal cleansing involves the removal of Old Energy Archetypes and their replacement with New Energy Archetypes.

Emotional Amelioration involves identifying the source of, and releasing, negative emotions built up as a consequence Toxic Socialization.

"We assert that the divine spark in man being one and identical in its essence with the Universal Spirit, our "spiritual Self" is practically omniscient, but that it cannot manifest its knowledge owing to the impediments of matter. Now the more these impediments are removed, in other words, the more the physical body is paralyzed, as to its own independent activity and consciousness, as in deep sleep or deep trance, or, again, in illness, the more fully can the inner Self manifest on this plane." [2]

To practice Flow Control, simply accept thoughts you want to think and reject thoughts you do not want to think.

  • In general, dismiss ideas that are negative, self-defeating, judgmental. In general, reject Old Energy Archetypes.
  • In general, accept ideas that are positive, life-affirming, inclusive, and uplifting. In general, accept New Energy Archetypes
  • Use deep breathing, affirmation and visualization to help with flow control. For example if, during connection, you experience feelings and thoughts of unworthiness, press these thoughts and feelings away with an appropriate affirmation, something like "I am worthy, I am strong. I am worthy, I am strong."

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