Flow Control

Flow Control refers to the ability to control thoughts in the brain of the Physical Unit. An individual who is able to exert mental control is able to determine, at will, what thoughts and ideas will take up space within the confines of the physical brain.

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Flow Control > Flow Purification


Flow control is a critical aspect of Connection Practice. Without flow control, thoughts derived either from the unconscious contents of your mind or from expanded/accelerating flow of Consciousness from The Fabric, can run out of control, cause Connection Pathology, and ultimately shut down the nascent connection.

Lack of flow control interferes with Healing and Connection by putting the physical unit at the mercy of uncontrolled thought processes, by stripping the physical unit of the ability to focus on specific tasks (esp. in higher states of consciousness), and by facilitating easy external behavioral control (i.e. manipulation by others).

The practice of Mindfulness is a step towards the practice of Flow Control.

To practice Flow Control, simply accept thoughts you want to think and reject thoughts you do not want to think.

In general, dismiss ideas that are negative, self-defeating, judgmental. In general, reject Old Energy Archetypes.

In general, accept ideas that are positive, life-affirming, inclusive, and uplifting. In general, accept New Energy Archetypes

Because physical units that lack mental control are easy to control, mental control is discouraged in working-class educational streams.

More information on flow control and archetypes can be found in LP Workbook Four .