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Fasting, sometimes for days at a time, is a common way of undermining the Bodily Ego and inducing a Connection Experience

Connection Techniques

Connection Technique > Drumming, Fasting, Great Invocation, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypoventilation, Intent to Connect, The Way of the Hollow Bone, Zazen


The Ojibway encouraging fasting as a way to induce a connection experience. When a young females begins to menstruate, they "...must go into the forest, build a ba-ca-ne-ge, a small lodge for herself, and fast. There she will stay for a period of ten days, or as long as she can. During this time she has no contact with anyone. She will neither leave the lodge for a long period of time nor go very far from it. The longer she fasts, the clearer will be her dreams of what she will do in life. If she is a Dreamer or a Medicine Person, her visions will confirm this."[1]


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