Vajra Breath

Vajra Breath is a Connection Technique specifically designed to awaken kundalini energies. To practice, inhale a deep breath and visualize white lightning coming into you with that breath. Hold the breath and the bright white light in your mind for a few moments. Finally, exhale and visualize a bright red light glowing and growing and expanding out from your body.[1] For best effect, do this visualization repeatedly throughout your day, when sitting, at a traffic light, while walking, etc.

List of Connection Techniques

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The word Sanskrit word 'vajra'(वज्र) means thunderbolt (i.e., lightning)

You can do this visualization when you walk, or sit.


  1. Visualization provided by Tsultrim Allione in Jamal, Michele. Shape Shifter: Shaman Women in Contemporary Society. New York: Arkana, 1987.