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An Awakening Affirmation is a verbal or visual intent statement that signals your desire and will to awaken. [1]

List of LP Affirmations

List of LP Affirmations > Affirmation of Awakening, Affirmation of Compassion, Affirmation of Connection, Affirmation of Self, SAARC Affirmation

Syncretic Terms

Affirmation of Awakening >

Related LP Terms

Affirmation of Awakening > Awakening, Awakening Experience

Non-LP Related Terms

Affirmation of Awakening > Affirmation, Manthra

Connection Techniques

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Some examples of Affirmations of Awakening

  • I wish to return home
  • I wish to wake up
  • I wish to awaken, activate, and ascend.
  • I wish access to only that information that is for the highest good of all living beings.
  • I wish to heal. I wish to awaken. I wish to connect

Note that some intent should always be given so that one accesses only information that is for the highest good of all living beings. There's still a lot of crapola out there.

Visual awakening mantras include chakra visualizations like The Great Invocation and awakening visualizations like the animation associated with the Water Glass Metaphor.

Note, forward movement on an authentic path of awakening does not occur without a formal signal of intent. Therefore an awakening affirmation should be considered a necessary and important part of your daily spiritual routine.

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