Agents of Socialization

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An Agent of Socialization is an individual tasked with the replication of the Social Order. An Agent of Socialization is responsible for transferring the rules, expectations, norms, values, and folkways of a given social order. In advanced capitalist society, the principle agents of socialization include parents, aunts and uncles, teachers, priests, gurus, etc.

System Agents

System Agent > Agent of Consciousness, Agents of Socialization, Corporate Cultural Creative, System Architect, System Enforcer


Agents of socialization may be Naive or Toxic.

'''Naive agents of socialization''' are agents who teach wrong thought because that’s what they learned growing up, because they don’t know any better, and because they truly believe their thinking is right. Most parents, teachers, and priests are naive like this.

'''Toxic agents of socialization''' are parents, teachers, priests, and predators who actively abuse people and who, as a consequence, need excuses to justify their abuse and make themselves feel better. A parent that constantly assaults their child will tell themselves, and the child, that the assault builds character or instills discipline. A priest or a nun that beats an indigenous child will tell themselves they are "civilizing" the child and bringing it to God. An employer that mercilessly exploits their workers by pushing long hours and low wages will tell themselves that humans are lazy and need such motivation, or that long work makes for stronger humans.

It is important to note that our current social order is a tiered social order. It is based on authority, hierarchy, and the differential assignment of value to human individuals (i.e., some individuals like CEOs and presidents are worth more than others). Within this context, individuals receive differential socialization. This differential socialization is hidden in the curriculum of this planet's churches, schools, and family folkways. Those born into the lower tiers receive a socialization process geared to fitting them into the low level, wage based sectors of The System. Those born into the higher tiers receive specialized education designed to train them as low level managers, as corporate, or political rulers, etc.

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