Thought Control

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Thought Control is a Connection Technique that involves learning to manage and control one's thoughts and ideas so they do not "take control" or run amok during Connection Practice

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Connection increases the flow of Consciousness into the Physical Unit. This increase enhances the perceived "reality" of ideas that may be contained in mind. Because of the Indoctrination associated with Toxic Socialization, some of these ideas may undermine the Bodily Ego and cause anxiety, fear, hatred, paranoia, Disconnection, and (when coupled with a damaged Bodily Ego) Connection Pathology.

Ideas that undermine the Bodily Ego and cause Disconnection are referred to as Wrong Thought. In order to maintain a healthy Bodily Ego, and in order to achieve Connection, one must establish Right Thought.

Part of the process of establishing right thought involves controlling and rejecting Wrong Thought. When one has an idea that one knows is wrong, one pushes the idea out of awareness and resolves to never thing about it again.

Note that mindfulness is a component of thought control. In order to control your thoughts, you must be aware of the thoughts you are having.

Self-esteem is also a component of thought control. One must feel capable and worthy of judging and replacing one's ideas in order to actually judge and replace one's ideas.