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The LP HEALING FrameworkTM is a Healing Framework designed to conceptualize and guide the healing process[1]. HEALING is an acronym that stands for "Help," "Environment," "Addiction," "Lies," "Indoctrination," Needs," and "Growth." An individual seeking to heal needs to reflect, focus, and act on each of the seven focus points in order that they properly protect, treat, and clean (PTC) the wound.

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The LP HEALING Framework is elaborated in Lighting Path Workbook Two: Healing [1].

The LP HEALING Framework is not a therapy. It is a guidebook for self-directed healing practice.



=For Professionals

In order for healing to proceed, a healer must recognize that they have been colonized by The System and have absorbed System values, System ideology, and the System's way of doing things. Even if their heart is in the right place, even if their desire is to develop an authentic healing practice, their absorption into the System makes it difficult for them to proceed in an authentic fashion. Therefore, a healer (psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, etc.) that wishes to develop an authentic healing practice must recognize that they will need help identifying their problematic behaviours and procedures. They will need help learning to be reflexive, empathic, sensitive, and aware. They will need help identifying and removing the deep tendrils of System ideology. They will need help putting aside the stark narcissism trained into them by the System so that they can function with the client's needs in mind.


For Professionals

In order for healing to proceed, a healer must take into account the environment of the individual. Taking the environment into account includes awareness of and sensitivity to the unique traditional, cultural, spiritual, social (family, clan, nation, tribe), and economic aspects(capitalism) of the individual's social context as well as an analysis of any toxic features that may exist in the environment (see Toxic Socialization).

The goal of environmental analysis is not only to develop a comprehensive understanding of the individual as they are embedded in and influenced by their environment but also to push back against [[Universal Psychology], which is a type of psychology that presumes that Western psychological theory and practice can be automatically applied to nonwestern populations.[2]


One of the key components of the Alcoholics Anonymous framework for cure and recovery is "rigorous honesty", with self and others. In order to make progress, one must make "a searching and fearless moral inventory..." and admit "the exact nature of our wrongs."[3]


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