Accumulating Class

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The Accumulating Class is the Economic Class that accumulates abstracted labour from the Working Class through the various Mechanisms of Accumulation made available by a particular Regime of Accumulation.[1]

Regime of Accumulation

Regime of Accumulation > Mode of Accumulation, Relations of Accumulation

Mode of Exploitation > Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Compliance, Mechanisms of Reproduction

Relations of Accumulation > Accumulating Class, Slave Class, System Agent

Syncretic Terms

Accumulating Class > Bourgeoisie, The Family

Related LP Terms

Accumulating Class > Regime of Accumulation, Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy, Symbol Factory

Non-LP Related Terms

Accumulating Class > Maya


The Video Money Moksha lays out the basic dynamics of accumulation, and some of the toxic consequences of the Regime of Accumulation

Ipsita Chaterjee[2] uses the term accumulating class in the context of the class's colonization of space and place.

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