Receptive Seeking

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Receptive Seeking is term used by Bobbi Parish to describe a psychological and emotional openness to gentle forms of Intramonadic Communication.

List of Connection Practices

Connection Practice > Detachment, Drumming, Fasting, Great Invocation, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotism, Hypoventilation, Intent to Connect, Meditation, Mental Purification, Mysticism of the Historical Event, Receptive Seeking, Relaxation, Sufism, The Way of the Hollow Bone, Writing, Zazen


"The River of Truth flow underneath every possible source--from the sacred texts of the world's religions to secular sources such as comic strips and screenplays. But in order to recognize the wisdom everywhere you go, you need to look with an open mind that is earnestly seeking to encounter it. Many of us were never taught how to cultivate such an attitude of receptive seeking. Fewer of us had many opportunities to practice it."[1]


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