Regime of Accumulation

A Regime of Accumulation (a.k.a. The System) is a political/economic system designed specifically so that a minority of privileged people can accumulate wealth and power from a suppressed and exploited majority. The System is fully exposed in Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt[1]

Syncretic Terms

The System > Regime of Accumulation, Système Ancien, The Matrix, The Wheel

Related Terms

The System > Aryan Invasion, Big Lies, Big Questions, Containment, Creation Template, EPMO, Epochal Context, Great Deception, Ideology, Institution, Money, Regime of Distribution, System Agents, System Maintenance, Tarot, The Family, Triumph of Spirit Archetype Deck, Triumph of Spirit Archetype System


Any Regime of Accumulation will consist of a:

  • Mode of Exploitation, a
  • Mode of Production, and a
  • Mode of Compliance

The current Regime of Accumulation is a capitalist regime.

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