Regime of Accumulation

A Regime of Accumulation (a.k.a. The System) is a political/economic system designed specifically so that a minority of privileged people can accumulate wealth and power from a suppressed and exploited majority. [1]

Syncretic Terms

The System > Mode of Exploitation, Regime of Accumulation, Système Ancien, The Matrix

Related Terms

Regime of Accumulation > Aryan Invasion, Creation Template, Exploitation, Great Deception, Ideology, Money, Regime of Distribution, System Agent, System Maintenance


"The Most Wicked are always those in Power—The whole History of Humanity is the History of the Forcible Appropriation of Power by the Wicked and their Oppression of the Good."[2]

According to Ruyle[3], any Regime of Accumulation will consist of a particular Mode of Exploitation.

The current Regime of Accumulation is a capitalist regime.


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