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According to Muses and Young, poetry "worthy of the name" may "alter states of consciousness...," (i.e. facilitate [[Connection] and perhaps a Connection Experience. [1]

Connection Techniques

Connection Technique > Bornless Ritual, Breathing, Caloric Reduction, Connection Affirmation, Connection Visualization, Dance, Deprivation, Detachment, Drumming, Fasting, Graduation Invocation, Holotropic Breathwork, Hypnotism, Hypoventilation, Intent, Japam, Meditation, Mindfulness, Mysticism of the Historical Event, Poetry, Power Quest, Receptive Seeking, Relaxation, Spirit Canoe, The Method of the Lamp, The Way of the Hollow Bone, Thought Control, Vajra Breath, Vision Quest, Writing, Yoga, Zazen


Poems written by one in a state of connection may induce/facilitate a connection in another.


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