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Holotropic breathwork is a Connection Technique used for self-exploration and psyche healing. Developed by Stansislav and Christina Grof, Holotropic breathing triggers a natural inner mechanism to induce a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Either in groups of two or individually, a person lays down in a comfortable area (such as on a mat) with his or her eyes closed and takes deep breaths at a very rapid rate (similar to inducing hyperventilation) while listening to evocative music. The “sitter’s” role is to provide empathetic awareness and assistance if required but without any sort of interruption to the “breather”. Each experience is always distinct from session to session and unique for each individual.

Connection Techniques

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The term “Holotropic” is derived from the Greek language: “holos” refers to becoming at entirety with oneself and “trepein” refers to movement in a certain direction toward becoming a specific entity. Furthermore, “holos” prescribes to the use of holistic disciplines, including eastern polytheistic religions, mystical practices, and various psychology domains.

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