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A Connection Visualization is a visualization that reinforces a psychological and emotional desire for Connection, and initiates Connection.[1]

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The Great Invocation is a combination awakening, activation, and connection visualization.

Another example, visualize the consciousness of your body as a small ball of light rising up and leaving through the top of your head. Visualize this consciousness ascending up into a clear blue sky. Visualize a door high above. Visualize your consciousness going up to that door, opening it, and then moving through it. On the other side if a being of bright light and power. Approach that being, stand in front, and greet it.

Swami Brahamanda recommends reflecting/focussing on the Divine Form, as a perfect center of bliss. "Imagine that everything is shining through its lustre. Think of this effulgence as non-material and possessed with intelligence. This kind of meditation will later on develop into meditation on the formless and infinite aspect of God. In the beginning the aspirant has to take the help of imagination; later on, when he develops his spiritual sense, he will feel the presence of the Divine. Next, when he gets the highest spiritual vision, he will come face to face with Truth. He is then transported into a different realm altogether, of which this world of matter appears to be a mere shadow and, as such, some- thing unreal."[2]


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