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Scientists, at least some of them, recognize the need for authentic spirituality.

Stanislav Grof said

"Organized religions in their present form often breed dissent and contribute to the global crises. But a religion based on a genuine mystical perspective could make a real difference in the world." (Grof in Laszlo, Grof, and Russell, 1999: 41)

At the cradle of all great religions were visionary states, the transpersonal experiences of their founders--Budha's experience of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, Mohammed's miraculous journey, or Moses' vision of Jehova in the burning bush. The Bible is full of descriptions of such experiences...." (Grof in Laszlo, Grof, and Russell, 1999: 37)

Einstein thought

that Cosmic Religion would help create the Cosmic Man (sic) who would then help co-create this world

"We live now in an international anarchy in which a Third World War with nuclear weapons lies before our door. We must make the individual man aware of his conscience so that he understands what it means that only a few will survive the next war. This man will be the cosmic man....I believe that is what God wants us to do." (Einstein in Hermanns, 1983: np)

Cosmic religion "is not a religion that teaches that man [sic] is made in the image of God -- that is antropomorphia [sic]. Man [sic]has infinite dimensions and finds God in his [his] conscience. This religion as no dogma other than teaching man [sic] that the universe is rational and that his [sic] highest destiny is to ponder it and co-create with its laws." (Hermanns, 1978: np).