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<languages/> <translate> The phrase The Path may be used to refer to any system of spirituality (be that institutionalized as in the case of Religion, less structured as in the case of Spirituality, or open as in the case of the Lightning Path) that is authentic, i.e. that provides training and guidance that leads directly towards full Realization. Put another way, a Path is a body of teachings, concepts, and practices that a Physical Unit can use to awaken to, connect with, cope with, and ground higher levels of Consciousness.


Owing to the fact that humans are embedded in a historical context, and owing to the fact that each context has its own unique political, economic, social, and psychological parameters which provide a unique experience, "paths" (i.e. the teachings, concepts, and practices supportive of Connection) are always historically specific. An ancient path taught by even the most talented of avatars is, arguably, ineffective and (often) counterproductive in the context of modern sensibilities and realities.

Syncretic Terms

The Way, as in Paul is a follower of "the Way" (Acts 9: 1-3; Acts 19:9, Acts 24: 14).

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Further Reading

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