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Cosmic Religion is Albert Einstein's conception of what Authentic Spirituality is.


See also Cosmic Man and Cosmic Religious Feelings

" a man becomes conscious of the stupendous laws that govern the universe in perfect harmony, he begins to realize how small he is. He sees the pettiness of human existence, with its ambitions and intrigues, its I am better than thou' creed. This is the beginning of cosmic religion within him; fellowship and human service become his moral code. And without such moral foundations, we are hopelessly doomed" (Hermanns, 1983: np)

Cosmic religion "is not a religion that teaches that man [sic] is made in the image of God -- that is antropomorphia [sic]. Man [sic]has infinite dimensions and finds God in his [his] conscience. This religion as no dogma other than teaching man [sic] that the universe is rational and that his [sic] highest destiny is to ponder it and co-create with its laws." (Hermanns, 1978: np).

"To me, cosmic religion means one humanity, one love, one peace." (Hermanns, 1978: np)

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