Mode of Exploitation

The Mode of Exploitation is the manner in which the Ruling Class goes about exploiting subordinate classes and accumulating Surplus Labour. According to (Ruyle, 1975, pp. 11-12)any specific Mode of Exploitation consists of three interrelated factors; these factors include

  1. Exploitative Techniques (i.e. the mechanisms through which economic surplus is extracted, what we might also call a Regime of Accumulation),
  2. Mechanisms of Force (like the police and the army who are called in to ensure regimes of extraction continue by physically coercing the population if necessary), and
  3. Ideological Institutions (what I would call Ideological Apparatus) like the church, Hollywood, and the family tasked with controlling the minds of the exploited populations.

According to Ruyle (1975: pp. 11-12) “These elements of the exploitative system may be institutionalized separately, as in industrial societies such as the United States and the Soviet Union, or they may be integrated into a single unitary institution, as in the early Bronze Age. The precise ensemble of exploitative techniques, together with the manner in which state-church elements are institutionalized, constitutes a historical mode of exploitation.”

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