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Maintenance Mechanisms are all mechanisms that contribute to the preservation of The System. Maintenance Mechanisms are integrated into the Toxic Socialization process.

Psychological Mechansims


Distraction, Compartmentalization, Rationalization, Dissociation, Repression, Denial etc.


Addiction to money. (See [1])


Institutional Mechanisms

Minimizing psychological friction.

Obscure, justify, marginalize and control. (See Spirit of Triumph:MK)

Asymmetrical power distributions.

Ideological Mechanisms

Archetypal Interpenetration - If a certain archetype fits into the archetypal context like a puzzle piece fits into a puzzle, it conveys the feeling of correctness. Thus, scholars, philosophers etc. oftentimes contribute directly to the maintenance of the system from a purely ideological point of view, even though their intentions might have aimed for a contrary outcome. (John Rawls, Justice as Fairness; Dawkins, The God Delusion; ...)

Sociopsychological Mechanisms

After successfully diminishing the genuine self-esteem of a person, by means of Toxic Socialization, the person tries to regain it. This occurs by means of identification with something deemed worthy. Thus, privilege, accrueing of money, cars, mansions, beauty etc. is pursued fervently. Depending on the magnitude of the lack of genuine self-esteem, the functioning of ARMs, and many other factors as well, the person will go to great lenghts to achieve the pursued goal, oftentimes in total disregard to the ecologic, social and personal damage it inflicts.

Privilege. Wealth. Beauty. (See "Manufacturing the Social Agenda of Beautiful Living"). Coolness.

This mechanism may be regarded as a maintenance mechanism, for it disallows the population to confront with their own actions. In a state of serious deprivation, the PU is programmed to acquire what it lacks. Esteem is one of the Seven Essential Needs, thus, if it is lacking, the PU goes into Deprivation Mode(See Deficit Mode), thereby focusing mainly on needs gratification. This inevitably leads to the proliferation of Disconnection, for it is highly inprobable that needs can be met without hurting others. Due to the damage that is done to others, Awareness Reduction Mechanisms need to be employed in order to minimize the awareness of the hurt that is being inflicted unto others. With ARMs in place, reciprocal assault and damage becomes widespread, resulting in what we term "Normal Consciousness". Note that "normal" consciousness is not desirable whatsoever. Normal Consciousness is the result - and generator - of ongoing assault, chronicly unmet Needs and Fractured Attachements.

Sociopolitical Mechanisms

Political power asymmetries.