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A Symbol Factory is an institution that revives, restore, reproduces, recreates and distributes archetypes and creation templates, specifically Old Energy Creation Templates.[1][2] specifically tasked with creating and distributing Archetypes and Creation Templates[3].

The System

The System consists of Exploitative Techniques, Ideological Institution, Mechanisms of Force, Reproductive Techniques, Symbol Factory

Related Terms

Symbol Factory > Archetype Deck, Archetypes, Creation Template, Ideological Institution, Mode of Exploitation, Symbol Factory


A symbol factory can produce Old Energy Archetypes, New Energy Archetypes, or a combination of the two.

The Freemason's Lodge, where members created the Masonic Tarot Deck, is a symbol factor[4]

Further Reading

Lightning Path Workbook Fourcontains a discussion of archetypes and symbol factories.

The Four series of videos in this Youtube playlistprovide an overview of the Regime of Accumulation, Symbol Factories and Ideological Institutions

See "A Short Sociology of Archetypes" for a more advanced discussion of symbol factories.[5]

See also From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus to Marx: The Art, Science, and Technology of Human Manipulation,”


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