Mechanisms of Compliance

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Mechanisms of Compliance are mechanisms by which the Accumulating Class asserts cognitive, emotional, and behavioural control over its labour force.

Regime of Accumulation

Regime of Accumulation > Mode of Accumulation, Relations of Accumulation

Mode of Accumulation > Mechanisms of Accumulation, Mechanisms of Compliance, Mechanisms of Force, Mechanisms of Reproduction, Mechanisms of Surveillance

Relations of Accumulation > Accumulating Class, Slave Class

Mechanisms of Compliance

Mechanisms of Compliance > Colonized Spirituality

Syncretic Terms

Mechanisms of Compliance > Means of Mental Production

Related LP Terms

Mechanisms of Compliance > Archetypal Wrong Thought, Archetypes, System Agent

Non-LP Related Terms

Mechanisms of Compliance >


Under the extant Regime of Accumulation this involves the use of Symbol Factories that create Master Narratives which are then distributed by Ideological Institutions. Mechanisms of Compliance are one key component of the Regime of Accumulation.

In the German Ideology, Karl Marx spoke of the Means of Mental Production.[1]


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