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Drug (in Sanskrit druh) is a Zoroastrian/Islamic term syncretic with the LP term Disjuncture.

Syncretic Terms

Disjuncture > Adultry, Anrta, Drug, Druh, Hell, Infidelity, Sin, The Hellish Marriage

Islamic Terms

Islam > Absolute Essence, Al-Insan al-Kamil, Ascension, Dhat, Drug, Fana, Hadith, Ibn al-'Arabi, Infidelity, Infran, Jadhb, Last Days, Laylat al-Qadr, Mahabbah, Majdhub, Muhammad, Peace be upon them, Quran, Rapture, Right Path, Rtavan, Shariah, Subtle Centers, Sufism, Sulūk-i Ṭarīqa, Tahdhīb al-akhlāq, Taubah, Wajd, Yawm ad-Din


"The principle of falsehood or distortion which was opposed to asha the Avestan people called 'drug' (Sanskrit 'druh'); and their moralists divided mankind accordingly into 'ashavan', the righteous who upheld asha, and the wicked, the 'drugvant'."[1]


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