The Garden

The phrase The Garden refers to any point in any planet's Evolutionary Theory where a state of Prosperous Homeostatis, Pastoral Comfort, and strong Connection is achieved.

Syncretic Terms

Divne World Order > Age of Aquarius, Eupsychia, Garden of Eden, Heaven, Heaven of Reality, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, New Creation, New Earth, Shambhala, The Garden, Zion


A garden may be primitive or advanced. A primitive garden is characterized by Low Technology, simple administration, and inefficient economic exchange. An advanced garden, which is only achievable when a world passes through Stage Two: Expansion, is characterized by Quantum Technology, global administration, and efficient economic exchange.

For a planet to achieve an advanced Eden it must overcome, either on its own or through a surreptitious Intervention, the Stagnation that arises when a planet achieves homeostasis, pastoral comfort, and connection.

Personal exit from The Garden (i.e. exit from a state of perfect Alignment with Consciousness) is possible while incarnating in a Physical Unit. Misalignment can occur as a result of Toxic Socialization and/or through failure to adopt Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment. Misalignment leads to Disjuncture which leads, in turn, to Disconnection and a corrupted expression of Consciousness in the Physical Unit. Corrupted expression of consciousness may lead to further Disjuncture. In cases of profound misalignment and disjuncture, a downward spiral or Descent into Darkness may be initiated. This descent may occur at an individual or collective level.

Any individual or species wishing to re-enter The Garden must work to heal the physical body of any emotional or psychological damage it has incurred as the result of Toxic Socialization and must also work towards reducing disjuncture and achieving Alignment. As noted throughout the Lightning Path corpus, Consciousness cannot properly express through a damaged and misaligned physical unit.

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