Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God (a.k.a. The Kingdom) is the "kingdom" of high Consciousness (i.e. high CQ). The Kingdom is a metaphor for a state of individual and collective alignment and pure, consistent, and strong connection.

Syncretic Terms

Divine World Order > Age of Aquarius, Eupsychia, Garden of Eden, Heaven, Heaven of Reality, Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, New Creation, New Earth, Shambhala, The Garden, Zion


It is easy to enter The Kingdom, but unless one is properly aligned, it is difficult to stay.

When the vast majority of humans achieve strong Connection, we attain entry into the Kingdom of God.

A "sinner" who enters the Kingdom may experience angst, fear, paranoia, and even total mental breakdown. To avoid that, to attain the Kingdom of Heaven, Heal and Connect