Stage Six

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Stage Six Reconnection is the penultimate stage of a planet's evolutionary process. It occurs when a planet's economic and administrative expertise evolves to the point where planetary systems of government become possible. At that point, Healing and Reconnection processes are initiated and the planet begins to move towards reconnection and Graduation.

List of Evolutionary Stages

Evolutionary Stages > Stage Five, Stage Four, Stage One, Stage Seven, Stage Six, Stage Three, Stage Two

Syncretic Terms

Stage Six > End-Times, Eschaton, Last Days, Yawm ad-Din

Related LP Terms

Stage Six > Calling Archetype, Completion, The Great Awakening, The Message, Triumph of Spirit Archetypes, Triumph of Spirit Narrative

Non-LP Related Terms

Stage Six > Armageddon, Eschatology, Garden of Eden, Kalki, The Shift, Triumph of Spirit


Stage six is marked by the evolution of advanced communication systems. When communication systems have developed sufficiently to enable planetary administration, global awakening is initiated.

Stage six is considered complete when a planet's Pinnacle Species establishes a peaceful global government that unifies the planet's people and devotes itself to full satisfaction of the Seven Essential Needs, rather than greedy accumulation.

Once stage six is complete, a planet can move on to Stage Seven.

Two main challenges mark the penultimate stage of planetary evolution.

The number one challenge is healing the damage done to the Physical Unit by Toxic Socialization during Stage Five in order that the species might collectively reConnect. Stanislav Grof clues into this in his article "Technologies of the Sacred - Part Three" where he discusses Connection Experience as an important tool to help heal the planet.[1]

The number two challenge is overcoming violent and desperate resistance to peaceful unification of a planet's people from those who benefit financially and politically from the Stage Five economic System

Stages of Awakening. Stage Six is broken down into three distinct "stages of awakening." Stage One completed 2016, Stage Two completes approximately 2025. Stage Three completes when a 9/10ths majority is firmly on the path to healing and reconnection. Note that Stage Three awakening requires a fundamental revision of this planet's economic system, a revision that facilitates a fair redistribution of wealth.


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