Liber 420

Liber 420 is a book by Chris Bennett with explores evidence for the use of Cannabis as a Connection Supplement to open individuals and facilitate Spiritual Experience (on the LP, Connection Experience))


The thesis of the book is that Cannabis and other Connection Supplements played a central role in the human history of magic, religion, Gnosticism, alchemy, Theosophy, Freemasonry, Wicca, physical healing, spiritual initiations, and so on. From Scythians, Zoroastrians, and Judaic prophets to alchemists, witches, alchemists, Freemasons, and even Jesus Christ and the early "church," cannabis alone or in combination with other substances (see Five Tree) has been central. Bennett offers compelling evidence this is true.

What is also fascinating is that throughout history, few have actually come out and stated the significance of cannabis specifically, or Connection Suppplements in general, to Connection. The use of Connection Supplements in various aspects and flavours of human history is a "secret" not often shared openly. Why is this? One is tempted to invoke notions that humanity is "not ready" for the insights, or that it would be invoking a Jjinn to powerful to control, or that the masses are too weak and thus the power conferred by strong Connection is available only to the "chosen few," but really it comes down to the desperate attempt to preserve the status quo and The System against the revolutionary internal and external shifts that occur should too many people be allowed to embrace Connection.[1]. One does not want to proclaim too loudly the real significance and power of Connection Supplements lest one become a target for silencing and oppression.

In the book, there are also intimations of esoteric initiations whereby "initiates were slowly seduced away from their orthodox beliefs, and through a series of initiations these were replaced with expanding cosmological knowledge." [2] Specifically referencing organizations like Freemasonry, the suggestion is that these organizations work in service to deeper spiritual connection. In fact, they don't. In fact, they allow a certain expansion of connection (to facilitate "management") while at the same time castrating initiates and inserting them into hierarchies of command and control that service The System and not Emancipation and Connection of humanity.

This is an interesting book, but I don't really recommend it as a reading. A naive individual or recent "initiate" can get unnecessarily bogged down in the spew of terms, symbols, meanings, and references, some which are aligned and in sync, and some which are not. The most important take away has already been provided. Connection Supplements (including cannabis) facilitate Connection, and have been doing so for thousands of years. The significance of this has been suppressed in order to avoid mass connection and the consequence collapse of The System and the Babylonian Status Quo.

"Prophets practiced ecstasy states and may have used incense and narcotics to produce impressive effects…. The Israelite prophets … acted as mediums. In a state of trance or frenzy they related their divine visions in a sing-song chant, at times a scream. These states could be induced by music.… But the prophets also used, and sometimes abused, incense, narcotics and alcohol…[3]


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