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A COEX System (Systems of Condensed Experience) is a concept coined by Grof (1976) to describe the way the human brain organizes its experience. A COEX is basically a set of related experiences organized around a powerful emotional center.

According to Grof, COEX systems are organized around a "root experience." The "root" of a COEX system (the COEX Root) is formed when a powerful and emotionally charged experience becomes imprinted in the neural structures othe brain. Subsequent experiences, which the Physical Unit perceives as related, will become "filed" along with the original memory trace.

According to Sharp, in addition to being organized around a root experience (or root experiences), COEX Roots and COEX systems are also shaped by ideas and archetypes. The Postnatal Authority Matrix, for example, is organized around the individual's experience with their Primary Authority Figure. The Postnatal Authority Matrix is also shaped by the individual's ideas about about authority and power. Of course, the individual's ideas about authority and power are not randomly derived but are part of an indoctrination process whereby archetypes and archetypal constellations are implemented in the consciousness of the individual. In the case of the Postnatal Authority Matrix, the Authority and Power constellation is most significant.

According to Grof, COEX systems can be weak or strong. The strength of a COEX system is determined by its "root" (or nodal) experience (often to be found in perinatal or early childhood trauma) and any subsequent experiences that become imprinted along with the root. A strong COEX system will have a strong root experience and many subsequent reinforcing experiences. Weaker systems may have a strong root, but will have few to none significant reinforcement experiences.

According to Dr. Michael Sharp, COEX systems can also be positive or negative. Under healthy social conditions, COEX systems are primarily positive and not pathological. They are simply a means by which we organize our experiences in the human body. Unfortunately, under current social, political, and economic conditions, most of our experiences are negative. Beginning with the over medicalized, frenetic, and violent birthing program of this earth, our Physical Units are subject to continuous assault at emotional, physical, and intellectual levels. These experiences become organized in the brain around powerfully negative COEX systems that lead to Neurosis and even Psychosis.

A Negative COEX system is a system that requires constant energetic input. For example the Postnatal Authority Matrix, a matrix that revolves around the destruction of self esteem, is a negative COEX system that requires the individual to constantly seek out approval in order to avoid bad feelings about self, emotional depression, and even neurosis or psychosis. This negative COEX emerges as a result of the psychological damage experienced the child. It should be noted that, owing to the pernicious and violent imposition of an unnatural and psychological perverse System, the vast majority of individuals raised within The System suffer the consequences of several negative COEX systems.

Like a positive COEX, a negative COEX has triggers. These triggers consist of "sensual" or "psychic" reminders of the original experience. There are an infinite variety of triggers, most of which are idiosyncratic (Grof, 1976), and therefore rules or guidelines for the identification of triggers are impossible to provide. However generally, a trigger is "created" when an organism focuses on a specific aspect of the negative experience (whether it is location, ambience, color, music, etc.). The trigger(s) is often, even normally, unrelated to the negative COEX and is selected in a process of "avoidance" (i.e., the organism selects a random feature in the environment in futile attempt to avoid experiencing the trauma of the body or mind). There can be one trigger or,in COEX systems which have seen continuous consolidation, many. Triggers may be added to the COEX in subsequent experiences.

Typically, reliving negative COEX experiences is not pleasing. A naive Physical Unit, or a PU which has been encoded with "repression" and "guilt" programming, will not see the value of reprogramming negative COEX systems and will resist reprogramming and Reconsolidation. In some cases where the COEX is extremely negative and frightening, and repression and guilt programming is particularly strong, resistance can be manifested in various forms of psychopathology ranging from neurosis (typically Freudian in nature) to psychosis to the organized and pathological efforts to avoid negative COEX triggers seen in Obsessive Compulsives Disorders.

The level of dis-ease may be discerned by considering the number of triggers, the strength of efforts to repress, and any pathological manifestations of the mind or body that may be observed. As a final comment, the absence of even mild pathology (as defined in classical psychology) does not mean the absence of negative COEX systems. That is, "normal functioning" in society cannot be considered an indicator of psychological health and the absence of negative COEX systems. When compared against the full potential of the Physical Unit, normal functioning is a parody of a fully functioning Physical Unit. All "normal" really means is that negative COEX experiences have been organized, filed, repressed, and boxed in so as to allow "productive" functioning. Sadly, even serious psychopathology can be contained within the parameters of "normal" life.

Negative COEX systems, or rather repressive and fear or guilt led attempts to avoid re-experiencing them, drain available energies from the Physical Unit and weaken the systems of the Physical Unit. This weakening may contribute, over the short or long term, to failures and breakdowns of various systems within the body.


Negative COEX systems are treated through Reconsolidation. Straightjacketing (i.e., the application of Crown Stupifiers) only redirects energy internally. Straightjacketing may, over the long term, lead to physical illness and psychological breakdown of the Physical Unit


Grof (1976) provides a wealth of clinical examples of negative COEX systems, their formation, and treatment using Psycholytic and Psychedelic therapy.

COEX Systems generally involve energy blockages. These blockages are typically associated with the major energetic pathways (i.e., Chakras) of the Physical Unit. When associated with major pathways, the energetic blockages that result will impair our ability to think (Crown Chakra), feel (Heart Chakra), communicate and express (Throat Chakra), create (Sacral Chakra), and ground properly (Root Chakra). As explained in Sharp (2004), when coupled with proper visualization technique, reinstatement of energy flow is unproblematic. However reinstating energy flow inevitably leads, because the body is primarily designed as a Manifestation Device, to the rapid manifestation of COEX triggers. This may lead, as the triggers are invoked, to considerable mental, emotional, and physically manifested chaos that can be disconcerting to the Physical Unit to say the least. Expert Guidance (Sharp, 2004) is advised before attempting direct activation of energetic centers, especially in cases where we may suspect the existence of strong negative COEX systems.

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