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A Chakra (Sanskrit for "Potter's Wheel)) is an energy conduit that provides a connection point through which the energy of Consciousness flows. Chakras are a critically important part of your body's systems. To ensure health, longevity, and full functioning of the human Physical Unit, all chakras must be aligned and fully activated.

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List of the body's seven main Chakras

Body of God, Eye of God, Hand of God, Mind of God, Voice of God, Will of God


The body has thousands of chakra points all of which support the manifestation of the Physical Unit. Proper and unrestricted energy flow through the body's chakras is necessary for the healthy growth and maturation of the Physical Unit. If chakras are not functioning properly, and if steps are not taken to reinstate healthy flow, over time associated bodily organs and systems deteriorate and become functionally impaired. The study of improperly functioning chakras, and the diseases and declines associated with this dysfunction, is the study of Chakra Pathology.

Amongst the thousands of individual chakra points of the human physical body, there are seven large key chakras. The seven main chakras, from least dense to most dense, are:

Each of the body’s seven (7) main chakras represents a particular frequency of energy. The highest frequencies are arranged on top (i.e., the Lotus) followed in descending vibration through to the root.

The seven (7) frequencies of the human body (which may vary within certain limits, as required by the Resident Monadic Consciousness) provide a sort of scale (like the seven (7) notes of a major scale in music) which can be used to manifest the Physical Unit and express in the 3D world. The seven (7) chakras are referred to biblically as the seven (7) seals. When fully open and connected, chakras provide for the full and healthy maturation of the physical unit, and an incredible amount of creative control over physical matter.

In the case of the Physical Unit, there is a one to one correspondence between the chakras of the body, and the bodily systems which they help manifest. In order of descending vibration these are:

  • The Mind of God => Provides for the manifestation of bodily systems that support the expression of consciousness (i.e., brain and Central Nervous System)
  • The Eye of God => Systems that support apprehension of the physical world (i.e., the five senses, the “sixth” sense).
  • The Voice of God => Mechanisms that support spiritual expression (i.e., hands, voice, feet).
  • The Heart of God => Mechanisms that support the physical life of the body (i.e., respiratory systems).
  • The Hand of God => Mechanisms that support the exchange of energy with the environment (i.e., the stomach and digestive system).
  • The Will of God => Mechanisms that support the reproduction of the physical unit (i.e., the sexual and reproductive organs), and the body's creative functions.
  • The Body of God => Mechanisms that support the connection of the physical body with the ground of its existence (i.e., the body’s recycling systems).

Energy Flow

Energy flow through the chakras is determined either automatically by the current physical and mental state of the physical unit or via willful intent and visualization. It is important to note that fears and misconceptions held in the consciousness of the physical unit can impede and reverse chakra flow. Willful intent and visualization can reintroduce full and healthy flow. However, if the physical unit harbors fears, misconceptions, or other forms of damage, flow will become immediately restricted. The challenge for the individual or practitioner involves identifying and clearing blockages and misconceptions to allow for continuous flow and, therefore, continuous development of the physical unit.

Note tha chakras have an Internal Function and an External Function. Internally, chakra energies support the development of your body's physical systems, like your brain, central nervous system, circulatory system, and so on. Eternally, chakras provide the energies necessary for observing, understanding, acting, and creating in the world.

It is important to note that in no sense may these chakra energies be considered hierarchical. All chakras are activated as soon as the fetus takes on recognizable form and, under healthy developmental conditions, remain activated throughout the lifespan of the Physical Unit.

As a consequence of Toxic Socialization, chakras may become damaged and misaligned, with energie becoming constricted (Chakra Constriction) and corrupted (Chakra Corruption) as a result.

It is also important to understand that the Physical Unit, as vehicle for spirit, is sensitive to trauma and abuse. Extended physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional, and sociological trauma, as experienced as part of the Toxic Socialization process of this world inevitably leads to the constriction and corruption of chakra energies. As noted above, the constriction of chakra energies leads to mental and physical distress and eventual dysfunction and breakdown in the body’s systems. Chakra constriction may be instantly reversed by performing a chakra visualization such as the Great Invocation. However because of the manifestation that result from chakra activation and the subsequent reversal that may occur, personal clearing and healing is required to maintain chakra flow. See Endopsychoanalysis for a spiritually sophisticated approach to remediation of chakra damage.

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