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The COEX Root is the root experience of a COEX system. The root of COEX system is formed when an emotionally significant event becomes imprinted in the memory structures of the Physical Unit. The event that established the COEX root may be positive or negative (though in our society, and with our current birth practices, most COEX Roots are negative).

Most, though not all, negative COEX roots are established in the perinatal period. Once established, the COEX Root becomes a magnetic attractor for similar experiences. Negative experiences that are similar in visual, metaphoric, or affective impact will be attracted to the COEX root and will reinforce the root. If reinforcement occurs over a long period of time, the COEX System that forms may become an active, powerful, and influential psychological structure within the mind of the physical unit. This is beneficial in the case of positive COEX Systems and should be encourages via the provision of proper economic and social supports. Negative COEX Systems which become strong and salient may lead to psychological and even physical dysfunction in the long term.

There can be no guidelines on the identification of COEX Systems or their roots beyond the statement that any significant emotional event may form the basis of a COEX Root. The difficulty in providing guidelines arises as a result of the nature of the COEX System. When a COEX Root is established in the gray matter of the physical unit, the COEX System exists as a barely defined, marginally significant psychological structure. However, subsequent experiences will help to define and strengthen the system. For example, chemical assaults during the perinatal phase may form a root experience associated with the violation of boundaries, unwilling impositions, or even physical distaste and distress of having powerful chemicals injected the sensitive apparatus of the physical unit. If no other similar assaults are forthcoming, the root may dissipate over time. However subsequent events can reinforce and define the original root. For example, birth into a fundamentalist religious family with a fire and brimstone approach to child rearing may provide fertile ground for reinforcing experiences. The child's exposure to violent punishment, for example, justified by references to hellfire and damnation, may provide additional experiences which, when attracted to the original root, provide psychological nuance to the COEX System. These strengthening and definitional experiences will grow over time and will depend entirely on the individual and idiographic details of the case. In other words, each case is entirely unique. The implications for therapy, and the amount of work involved when attempting to dissolve invoke a COEX Root and dissolve a COEX System, should be apparent.


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