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An Archetypal Constellation is a group of individual archetypes that “work together” to provide an overall meaning and message, or Archetypal Gestalt.


Taken together, existing archetypal constellations form an Archetypal Template or Creation Template

An archetypal constellation facilitates the construction of intellectual and emotional conclusions and conditions in Bodily Consciousness. For example, Old Energy Archetypes help establish the psychological and emotional condition of compliance and obedience to authority. Old energy archetypal constellations encourage us to conclude that we are "Fools in School," i.e. cosmic school children on a planet designed to tutor us in the proper ways of existence.

Archetypal constellations can be broken down into the New Energy Archetypal Constellation and the Old Energy Archetypal Constellation

New Energy Constellations

Identity Constellation: Answers the Big Question "Who am I?"
In the new energy, the answer is you are a Joyful Master
In the old energy, the answer is that you are a Fool in School (Book of Slavery) or Master in Training (Book of Power).
Purpose Constellation: Answers the big question "Why am I here?"
The World -- the place where we work to
victoriously uplift ...
Awakening Constellation: Answers the big question "How do I awaken?"
The Calling -- The call to awaken
The World -- Awakening to our purpose
Realization-- Realizing a higher truth.
Sacrifice --Remembering your sacrifice
Activation Constellation: Answers the big question "How do I activate?"
Ascension Constellation: Answers the big question, "How do I ascend?"

Old Energy Constellations

Book of Slavery

Authority Constellation
Hierophant (exoteric religious authority) | Empress (social authority)| Emperor (political economic authority) | Hermit (esoteric/lodge authority) Justice
Fool in School Constellation
Chariot | Strength | The Sun
The Fool | Wheel of Fortune (a.k.a. The Wheel) | The Magician | Justice | Death
Hanged Man The Devil
The System
Judge and Punish Constellation
The Sun | Justice
Repression Constellation
High Priestess (emotions) Chariot (beast within) Strength (a corruption of strength) The Sun (the old energy outcome of suppression/repression)

Book of Power

Magician in Training
Initiation Constellation
Passage Constellation
Secrets Constellation
Ideology of the Alpha

Further Reading

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Sosteric, Mike (2019). Triumph of Spirit Book Two: New and Old Energy Archetypes [2]

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